The Woolshed


The Woolshed KI floorplan. NB Male, Female and Staff designations are arbitrary.

The Woolshed KI includes the following spaces


Entertainment area

The room pictured above was once filled with the din of sheep and shearers at shearing time, along with the  the smell of lanolin oil from freshly cut wool.

The original raised shearing board looked very rustic but was impractical for a number of reasons – so we replaced it with 60 square metres of flooring. Great for dancing! This room has an authentic woolshed atmosphere and is a great space in which to relax and socialise.


Food preparation / kitchen

Plenty of space to prepare meals and plenty of cooking facilities: Refrigerators, pots, pans, implements. There is a gas cooker plus a separate gas range, a microwave oven, toaster, kettles and a 20-litre urn.


Dining area

Dining-686  third-table-738

Next to the food preparation area is a dining space with plenty of room for a convivial dining experience.

Lounge / fireplace area

In winter, keep cozy and warm snuggled up around the big drum fire: it really bores out the heat to keep the island's chilly night air at bay. Curl up with a book on a comfy chair or share a glass of the local wine around the heater.

lounge-fire-752  fire-table-679

Bedrooms and dormitories

The Woolshed has four dormitory rooms and two private rooms. Read more info about Accommodation here.